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The Circular Ruin

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The Circular Ruin - Documentation of an Installation (2minutes 41seconds)

Inspired by the short story by Jorge Luis Borges where a sorcerer sets out on the near impossible task to dream a man into reality, only to find out that he like his imagined son is too a mere projection of another man's' dream; a simulacrum.

Constructing space which confronts the viewer with mutliple representations of their image, questioning the relationship between the video image and the mirrored reflection. Is there a difference in how we interpret our image in the mirror and the television screen.

Dan Graham writes of the video image as present:

"video is a present-time medium. its image can be simultaneous with its perception by/of its audience (it can be the image of its audience perceiving.) the space/time it presents, is continous, unbroken and congruent to that of the real time which is the shared time of its perceivers and their individual and collective real envirionment"

"To be not a man, but the projection of another man's dream - what incomparable humiliation, what vertigo!"
Jorge Luis Borges - The Circular Ruin, Fictions (The Garden Of Forking Paths) 1944

Eliot Jones Jan 2011

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