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CLL online identities visitor/resident maps


As part of the CLL online identities project we produced visitor/resident maps to look at our online presence and what we do online. This was a concept developed by David White to explore online activity. 
Our results are Below:
Chris Follows, DIAL project manager:
Joe Easeman, DIAL project Coordinator:
As you can see from my map I spend most of my time as an online user in my personal life, in a visitor capacity. This means that I am using the internet to retrieve information, mainly for pleasure, and not leaving a trace or posting any information back. However if you look into my presence as a personal resident there are quite a few sites and activities here. There is an extra line added here, referring to my practice as an artist. As my art practice relates to relational participatory facilitation there is  a great need to use online forums in order to advertise events, workshops, programmes and projects,as well as to develop a strong community of practice. My professional online presence is pretty much 50/50 between visitor and resident. This is due to my professional occupation involving research online as well as posting on websites and updating information. 

Kimberley Cunningham, CSM: Press Play Community Developer:

Bowen Lee, LCF Sense Community Developer:
Filip Bigos, LCC COPYourself Community Developer
Michaela, LCC COPYourself Community Member:









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