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Collaboration Proposal


Wearable Technology for Arts Practice

Notes from initial meeting with Joanna Neil lecturer at University Centre Blackburn College and research student at University of Glasgow and Chris Follows Chris Follows DIAL Project Manager (Digital Integration into Arts Learning)

Collaboration between University Arts London (UAL) and University Centre Blackburn College (UCBC) with additional potential partnerships with the TATE Gallery and Open University

Project structure:

Academic lead: To develop brief and oversee inception and  future development of the project

Technical lead: To help facilitate the project with resources and technical support

Students: Respond to initial brief with a proposal and use wearable technology as part of their own arts practice

Students from year 2 and possibly year 1 on BA (Hons)/FdA degrees will come from different arts disciplines and be willing to work with others from across arts discipline areas. Both institutions will collaborate on writing a brief for students to respond to in the form of proposals.

Wearable technology to record and document practice may relate to several themes:

·       To help develop practice – used to help reflect on practice (self-surveillance)

·       To form practice – technology becomes artwork/part of artwork

·       To communicate practice – for assessment/presentation/dialogue

The proposals will identify what wearable technology they intend to use and how they would like to use it.  

The project will explore innovative ways of using wearable technology as part of an arts practice for the individual and as a contributor/participant of an interdisciplinary collaboration. The project will document the experiences and exchanges between participants and encourage new ways to engage with the creative process and technology.

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