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Collaborative Digital Project Kick off Meeting (Student Led)

Collaborative Digital Project (Student Led) - Kick off Meeting Wednesday 8th June at 12pm

Daniel Bandfield (Chelsea FAYr2) would like to kick off a series of meetings where we can plan a collaborative project between all areas of the digital marker collective (Students & Staff).

The first planning meeting on how we will proceed will take place on Wednesday 8th June, and if all goes well we will begin making on Tuesday 14th June and Wednesday 15th June. These will all take place in A216.

The format, materials and method of making this project have not been predetermined, so please bring any ideas you have! It will have to involve digital technology, of course, and the aim is to make something people can add to over time, so we can involve people at later stages.

So as not to be too vague, here are a few examples of what we could incorporate:

- Virtual and Augmented Reality

- Arduinos and other micro controllers

- The Internet, and web art

- Lighting and sound

- Public interaction

All skills and skill levels are welcome!

The hope is to have a living example of what you can achieve with collaboration and high technology, the results of which we hope to integrate into the Tate Exchange activities.

We need multiple leaders of this project so it does not all fall on Daniel’s shoulders, the collaborative team will take this work forward together.

So the dates would be Wednesday 8th June, Tuesday 14th June and Wednesday 15th June, with a maximum of ten people per session.

Sign up & more details here: (UAL staff & Students Only)

Keep up-to date on FaceBook or on Trello

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