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Collaborative film making workshop - 13th March 2012 CCW students

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Footage taken from an Experimental Film Workshop - Interrogating Film Making

As part of CCW Artist Moving Image Initiative Ed Webb-Ingall (CCWAMI) and Patrick Staff (video artist) lead an afternoon of participatory workshops, games and exercises exploring the way a camera can be used as a a tool for investigation, improvisation, and documentation. The workshop used ideas developed in community video activism, collectively authored film and video projects and improvisation alongside methodologies developed in cinema verite, ethnographic film, theatre and dance.

Participants took part in a variety of workshop methods to consider the act of filming and film-making,  and a consideration of video making as a point of negotiation, collaborative process and an exploration of the properties and potential of the pro-filmic moment.

Date: Monday March 12th 2012
Location: The Clore Studio, South London Gallery,

The workshop was free to attend, participants were asked to bring a camera that can film, anything from a mobile phone camera, digital camera with video option or video camera, or anything in between.

It was not a taught lesson and was very much an active workshop involving movement

We are hoping to run five more in 2012-2013 - watch this space and the CCWAMI blog

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