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Copyright and IPR for CSM staff and POI project team (STAFF ONLY EVENT)

The Professional Online Identities project see overview will identify and develop specific digital literacies/hard and soft skills (Presentation and Relational skills) in maintaining professional online identities with the aim of enhancing student/graduate employability and industry readiness. Project forum The Art of Enterprise & Employability in Art & Design HE.

The programme will create and adapt existing training to meet the needs of this agile developed programme, (we want to offer bespoke/new training and contexts currently not available to staff and students). We will be adding a section to the developing programme that highlights what training is currently available at UAL and how they can make the most of what there is e.g existing Learn IT training, CLTAD training and Lynda etc.


Copyright and IPR for staff and project team meeting (STAFF ONLY EVENT)

FACILITATOR: Silvia Baumgart (IPR) and Chris Follows (Project meeting)
PARTICIPANTS: The Centre for Performance programme staff and POI project team.

IPR workshop and project team meeting.

NUMBERS: 15 staff
DATES: 17 April - 2 - 4pm
EQUIPMENT: Laptop, projector and screen for presenter, seats for participants no equipment required.
LOCATION: ROOM D109 (Seminar room - 30 people max)

If you would like to contribute to this project please contact Chris Follows

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