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Core materials OER

The core.materials project has been funded by the JISC and HEAcademy Open Educational Resources (OER) Programme and led by The UK Centre for Materials Education (UKCME). I've been looking at this site for over a year now (core.materials on process.arts) and although its not directly related to my practice its got loads of quality resources I think would be useful to UAL.

The aim of the CORE-Materials OER project is to make a significant number of the many existing learning resources in Materials freely available online. The resources will be licensed for open use and repurposing worldwide. The project will also explore the processes and policies involved in the release of such resources.

Specific objectives are to:

  • Scope existing electronic resources
  • Build and pilot a ‘taxonomy matrix' to act as an interface to a core set of open learning resources
  • Share the collection of resources via JorumOpen and a discipline-specific website
  • Evaluate their use by Materials teachers and students;
  • Encourage the subject community to source, use, submit, share and reuse the collected resources
  • Investigate attitudes of users and potential barriers to sharing and making resources publicly available.
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