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Courseware and Curriculum Non Broadcast Award

Big Congratulations to UAL's Oliver Furlong, Mark Raeburn and the LCF Learning Technology Support video team winners of the Learning on Screen Awards 2013 for:

Courseware and Curriculum Non Broadcast Award

Bespoke Men’s Suit Construction Master Classes by Henry Poole & Co
London College of Fashion
Director: Mark Raeburn; Producer: Oliver Furlong

A series of video learning resources showing how to produce a bespoke men’s suit. Pattern cutters and tailors from Henry Poole demonstrate their skills to London College of Fashion Staff on camera take the audience through the whole suit construction process.

Read more here:,1ELO0,3N49ZD,4RURB,1

See a short promo of the winning large video learning resource by from oliver furlong being created for London College of Fashion students, by London College of Fashion technical staff (Learning Technology Support video department) alongside Henry Poole & Co from Saville Row, London.

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