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Creating and Teaching Art Online with John Casey and Chris Follows of ALTO and Process Arts

Chris Follows and John Casey recently attended the OpenCourseWare Consortium (OCWC), a gathering of educators and professionals interested in the availability and application of free online college course materials known as OpenCourseWare (OCW) Read full article here. We had a chance to speak with several industry leaders, including Chris Follows and John Casey, the innovators behind ALTO (Arts, Learning and Teaching Online) and Process Arts, which aim to provide OCW for teaching art and design via the Internet. Can you talk a little bit about how you got the idea of teaching arts online?

Chris Follows: For myself that goes back to when I was a student. You documented your practice. That was for part of your portfolio, and eventually formed part of your assessment. So I was interested in the documentation side of practice from that stage.

When I eventually worked in a university, I started documenting students as well. I tried to encourage them to talk on camera, which is quite difficult for anyone, especially for a student who's still trying to work things out and explore ideas. I was surprised by how well students could articulate their practice. I thought it could potentially be useful for other students. The environment of an art school is one where ideas are shared and people feed off each other. I started doing small videos. The university began using them for promotion purposes, and I thought there must be more use for that information. It developed into the Process Arts website.......... PLEASE SEE FULL INTERVIEW HERE

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'Reflections on the Art School'

Clore Auditorium, Tate Britain Friday 8 July, 10:00 – 17:00

As the continuing crisis in art education remains in the foreground of debates around art, the groundswell of interest in such discussions shows no signs of lessening in its significance. ‘Reflections on the Art School’ seeks to engage with those debates, present recent research and provide a space for reflection.

The Art School Educated Research team invite you to join them for a full day of papers and discussions with artists, academics and museum professionals. This conference will explore the wider dimensions of art education in Britain and elsewhere. Bringing together scholars from Scotland, England and Sweden, the conference has a particular focus on developments post-1960. Papers will address questions of theory and practice, curriculum reform, agency, the educational turn, gender, and the social value of art education.

Speakers at ‘Reflections on the Art School’ include:

Marta Edling (University of Uppsala) Art, career and gender. The career pathways of male and female artists and the recruitment of Professors at the Swedish Fine Art Colleges 1945-2000

Alice Strickland (Independent Art Historian) A Slade Education: Paula Rego, Maggi Hambling and Ana Maria Pacheco’s Art Education during Sir William Coldstream’s Tenure as Slade Professor 1949-1975

David Hulks (University of East Anglia) Going with Change: The Impact of Curriculum Reform at St. Martin’s School of Art

John Beck (Newcastle University) and Matthew Cornford (University of Brighton) The Lost World of Provincial British Art Schools

Monica Ross and Anne Tallentire (Central St. Martins) Critical Fine Art Practice 1990-1998

Christine Turner (Liverpool John Moores University) Life Drawing Remastered: Surmounting Difficulties for the Academic Artist

Katrine Hjelde with Kiki Claxton, Hannah Clay, Mario D'Agostino and Michaela Ross (Chelsea College of Art and Design) “Turning Educational” - The Educational Turn and the Art School

Catherine Kilpatrick (Edinburgh College of Art) Twenty Years at Edinburgh College of Art: Structure, Agency and Values in the Postmodern Art School

Stephen Farthing (University of the Arts London) Museum Rome’: The Curriculum and the Art School

Please note that places are still available. If you wish to attend, please contact the Tate ticketing office on: 020 7887 8888 between 9:45 - 18:00.

For additional information on the conference or the ‘Art School Educated’ research project please email Catherine Antoni (Administrator, ‘Art School Educated’).

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For the past year process.arts has run successfully as an unfunded project, voluntary run by its users and Chris. Process.arts has now become a significant part of the ALTO project eco system and is currently being reviewed and considered for upgrading and improvement.

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