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Creative & Cultural Skills

Each sector skills council represents a number of related industries. SSCs were licensed by the Secretary of State for Education and Skills, in consultation with Ministers in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Their objective is to tackle the skills needs of the UK. -

Creative & Cultural Skills is the Sector Skills Council for the creative and cultural industries. Our remit includes Craft, Cultural Heritage, Design, Literature, Music, Performing Arts and Visual Arts across the UK.

Follow this link to see all the Sector Skills councils.

SSCs receive public investment and engage with government departments across the UK. This enables organisations and employers, via SSCs, to have a far greater impact on policies affecting skills and productivity.

Each SSC agrees priorities and targets with its employers and partners to address three key goals:

  • reduce skills gaps and shortages
  • improve productivity, business and public service performance
  • reform learning supply, making courses and qualifications relevant to industry.

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