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Creative Practice Cycling Tour

Join us for two unique cycling events, as we give you behind the scenes access to the studios and project spaces of some of London’s most exciting creative practitioners.

This unprecedented opportunity will allow you to meet emerging and established artists, designers and cultural producers in their workspaces and hear about some of the practical and emotional challenges faced when setting up and sustaining a successful professional practice.

Whether you are an undergraduate, post-graduate, emerging artist or established practitioner – these tours will provide insights and inspiration to help you navigate your way through London’s cultural sectors.

From artists and architects to designers and cultural entrepreneurs, no matter what the creative discipline - each practitioner must make complex decisions regarding the commercial status and organisational structure of their work. For some the development of a identity will be key while for others a mastery of the art-funding system is essential.

Join us on a transformative journey, as we visit some of the most innovative and original creative practice models as they manifest in London in 2014.

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Check out the scheduled programme and how to book your free space

The Creative Practice Cycling Tours are open to all UAL students, staff and alumni and are organised by the Critical Practice research cluster at Chelsea College of Art & Design. Funded by SEE and CLTAD Futurising the Curriculum. 


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