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Cross-cut Table Saw demonstration (Model-making Wood Workshop)

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Action Research Project Demonstration video for student feedback group

N.B. This tutorial supports the use of machines in the Model-making Wood Workshop and does not in itself qualify you to use this machinery. Should your course have an entitlement to workshop access, in order to achieve this you would need to undergo a full induction arranged through the appropriate course leaders and technical staff.

This is an experimental video as a part of my PG Cert Action Research project to explore an intervention to enhance workshop inductions at Central Saint Martins. It is hoped especially that students already involved in feedback will be able to respond.

In this video I will cover the following points:

Consult Safe Systems of Work

Wear Eye Protection

Wear a dust mask

Main controls and Emergency Stop

Table cross slide and fence

Blade height adjustment

Blade angle adjustment

Isolation switch explanation

Positioning the material

Blade height adjustment

Guard height adjustment

Ensure the extraction is switched on

Put on eye protection and mask

Switch on and move the work forward gently keeping the hands clear of the blade

Switch off and when blade has stopped remove material

Clear up waste


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Hi - if you get chance to add some info and a photo its good to see who's who and what you up to -

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Thanks for your kind words and encouragement Andrew -much appreciated!


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Comprehensive, easy to follow, and able to be accessed at any time - these videos are perfect.

- Roo

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Yes - I have been considering the former and will add this.... and the captions help in Paul's video so yes again!

All the best.

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You could consider adding a NOTE this tutorial is for supporting use of machinery in the Model-making Wood Workshop and does not qualify you to use this machinery, in order to use this machinery you will need to carry out ......... also sure your thought of it but some text captions on the video for future edits be good. Cheers

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