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Culture Capital, defining digital identity & practice

UAL LEARNING AND TEACHING DAY 2012: CULTURE AND CULTURAL CAPITAL 18/01/12 This presentation aims to encourage feedback and debate around the challenges, limitations and benefits of creating and managing our professional identities and practice online. We will discuss the work of the DIAL project (Digital Integration into Arts Learning) and how the development of voluntary networked support communities can support development in this area. Authoring published content, which is ‘open to the world’, presents new problems and challenges for staff and students. We begin to see a gap that that divides the two groups from those on the periphery of digital media use who are still learning to live with technology and those who are actively engaged technology.

How does this possible inequity effect the learning and teaching experience and future employability? How do we make explicit the unique tacit experience of art and design learning and teaching, and how does the use of video, image and audio documentation used to capture and share the art and design practice effect or alter the face-to-face experience? With the increased use and reuse of open educational resources (OER) we see a growing landscape of reused and repurposed content:

  • How do we define our own identities in this new landscape.
  • How do we best represent ourselves online and assess the profiles of others?
  • How do we evaluate and validate open content we produce and consume?
  • What are the most effective communities for surfacing our professional identities?
  • How do we manage and evaluate communication and feedback in this new open space?
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