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Cup cake video

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Making Cup cakes as an example of how easy it can be to document using Flip cameras and iMovie.

The inaugural UAL Bar Camp Workshop in Creating Digital Media for Teaching and Learning was held on Feb 10th at the Media Faculty block at LCC.

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The Learning Studio is a new community of practice (CoP) around learning technology use in Art, Design and Media within UAL. It is open to anyone to join and participate, whatever your role or current use or experience of learning technology. See link to Lindsay's Documenting practice FLIP chat show:

The Learning Studio is holding an informal, Bar Camp ( style workshop on creating digital media for teaching and learning. There was plenty of hands on activities and demos of a range of ways to create, distribute and use digital media, and all are aimed at non-expert users.

There was a range of activities, very informal – no formal presentations, instead colleagues talked about how they are using a variety of media in their teaching and learning.

Colleagues demonstrated their activities in different parts of the room. These included

1: Lindsay Jordan shown us how she uses simple compact video recorders like the flip cam to record reflective interviews with the participants on the PG Cert in Teaching and Learning

2: Tony Pritchard talked about his use of podcasting, he is currently leading on a college project to help staff develop podcasting as part of their L&T strategy

3: Patrick Sutherland talked about simple sound recording for interviews, podcasts and atmosphere

4: Jackson Jessop demonstrated his kit room website for the equipment stores in the film and television department at LCC see

5: Chris Follows talked about the Process arts website see

Event organised by email Paul Lowe at so we can have an idea of numbers in advance.

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Thanks Chris, I have looked at this document before. Its a great resource, and JISC Legal have proved a useful government department, some of us from LCF recently attended their JISC Advance - Digital Media and Copyright Seminar. One of the attendees at the Thursday evening event John Casey - ALTO Project Manager, who has recently joined at CLTAD, I think used to work for JISC and has recently helped Julia Gaimster and myself shape a lecture capture document. I am part of a couple of email forums, of UK university video and IT technicians (LTSMG and SCHOMS) and much is said about lecture capture. One of the interesting points is that many people who have tried various lecture capture options, such as Aston University, and Bath Spa, have turned to Panopto as their preferred lecture capture option. I've heard of Media Site, and I think we've had a Media Site demo at LCF, I'll have to go back to my notes on why we weren't so keen on it at the time. I also have a colleague at Institute of Education so will check with him. Cheers for the discourse!!!! Sorry for long reply.

cfollows's picture

....some good resources here too: -

This document is intended for users who wish to record a lecture. It is a complement to JISC Digital Media’s advice paper Audio/Video Production: Recording Lectures, Seminars and Events. In that document, we discussed the details common to any type of event that might be recorded. This document looks at issues and considerations specific to the recording of lectures. It covers everything the novice should need to know from the first step to the last.

cfollows's picture

Hi Ollie:

I have a few ideas on this but first have a look at the Mediasite system see it in pratice at URL for the Institute of Education, University of Reading ‘Mediasite’ website. -

Please see email recommendation below from Mike McMillan at Reading:

Hello Chris, I can thoroughly recommend the Mediasite system so please feel free to look around our catalogue. For further details of costs etc. may I suggest that you contact Ian Leslie at Medius? They supplied our system and will be very pleased to arrange a demo for you - or you are welcome to come and see ours here. Contact Ian Leslie: Regards, Mike

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Its hard not to see the benefit of an event like this, Paul and Lindsay really hit the nail on the head, a perfect way to embed web & video technology in a variety of interesting ways. Personally I'm really excited about the possibility of having more of a UAL wide community in the area of digital media and publishing stuff to staff and students and to the wider world. My thing at the moment is looking into lecture capture and finding a university wide solution. So i'm going to use process arts arts a platform to have this discussion about the possibility of getting a lecture capture solution (for cost benefits and accessibility for international speakers and anyone wanting to review lectures) with AV/IT technician across the university. I've been looking into a solution such as Panopto. Here's a few links one blog talking of benefits and a link to the panopto site if anyone is interested in looking into what lecture capture is about.

Thanks again, Ollie Furlong (LCF - Learning Content Manager for Learning Technology Support)

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Excellent event - very enjoyable and useful!

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You betcha! Not only was it great fun, it was *really* gratifying to be able to share these tips, tools and gadgets and have them received with so much enthusiasm from the attendees. I hope some of the people who were there go on to try out some of the stuff out and start using it with their own students - roll on the next event!

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Was a great day and really good meeting lots of new faces, I really enjoyed the whole event and look forward to following up on some exciting potential future collaborations ... lets start planning the next one?

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