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Curriculum Development Fund Award Winners Announced

14 inspiring projects have been awarded funding to enhance the student experience at UAL. Discover the range of topics and practices they cover and start planning your own application now!

2016 Awarded Projects
The following projects have been awarded curriculum development funding. They all address sustainability, inclusivity or enterprise and employability in response to a current issue, or seek to improve or enhance the curriculum by putting something into action.


Take To The Studio (TTTS2)

Awardees: Jordan McKenzie & Annette Robinson
College: Camberwell College of Arts
Discipline: Fine Art BA Drawing


This project will explore the ways in which students re-address the studio. It will investigate how they negotiate a studio practice both as they move into the 3rd year and beyond graduation. TTTS2 builds on work from TTTS1 (Take to the Streets), which asked participants to address environments beyond the studio by expanding it into the outside world. In returning to the studio there will be an examination of studio culture, creating a space both of collaboration and dialogue yet maintaining a personal space for reflection and production.


Painting Methods, Materials, Pigments

Awardee: Dan Sturgis
College: Camberwell College of Arts
Discipline: BA Painting and MA Conservation


This project will work with Painting & Conservation students, staff and technicians to research, gather and experiment with the methods, materials, hazards and uses of paint, pigment and supports. The project will collaborate with industry partners such as Tate Conservation, Department of Conservation and Scientific Research British Museum, Col Arts and AP Fitzpatrick.



Awardees: Silvia Baumgart, Stephanie Dieckvoss, Nick Kaplony, Andrew Marsh
College: Careers and Employability (Artquest and Own-it) & BA Culture, Criticism and Curation Central Saint Martins
Discipline: Curation, IP


A collaboration between Own-it and Artquest. REsource expands on the Source Project and supports tutors on the BA Culture, Criticism and Curation course at CSM in the delivery of a live project with first year students. The focus of the project will be the disparaging interpretations of copying in contemporary art and design production. This project will not only skill participants in the important practicalities of exhibition making and programming but also introduce vital intellectual property knowledge in the live context of students’ subject specialism. The resulting specially designed teaching and learning resources will assist tutors in the teaching of enterprise and employability skills. Furthermore, it will promote enquiry into discourse specific interpretations of important aspects of copyright such as authorship or originality and reproduction throughout UAL.


Black-British contemporary art practices

Awardees: Professor Sonia Boyce & Kimathi Donkor
College: Camberwell, Chelsea, Wimbledon
Discipline: Fine Art


This project aims to develop student understanding of the range of black artistic practices and theories through a series of all-day seminars and practical workshops aimed at 2nd year undergraduate and/or 1st year postgraduate students. The project will invite an established or emerging practitioner to discuss with the student group how questions of identity, representational strategies and theoretical models have been relevant to their own practice.


Perspectives on Material and Conceptual Technologies Exploration

Awardees: Bernd Behr, Cyril Shing & Chris Follows
College: Camberwell, Chelsea, Wimbledon
Discipline: BA Interior & Spatial Design, Chelsea, and BA Photography, Camberwell


“Technology is the answer, but what was the question?” (Cedric Price)

Under the umbrella framework of CCW Digital Learning Teaching & Enhancement, this project aims to develop long-term pedagogic strategies for Art and Design courses to address the rise of pervasive new technologies such as Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Virtual/Augmented Realities (VR/AR). By facilitating a student-led approach to researching, developing and realising a collaborative project based on peer support in acquiring technical skills and contextual knowledge, it will help to define UAL's unique contribution in potential future collaborations with industry.


Living subject: a collaborative and dynamic approach to course readings

Awardee: Dr Rebecca Ross
College: Central Saint Martins
Discipline: Graphic Communication Design


As part of course revalidation, this project aims to experiment with a variety of new initiatives concerning the use of course materials with both first year and second year students. These include workshops on reading and mapping research interests, new instruments for reflecting on interests, active use of a shared tumblr, deeper alignment of reading lists and project briefs.


‘The Other Story’ Online: Digital Exhibition Histories

Awardee: Lucy Steeds
College: Central Saint Martins
Discipline: Contemporary art practice, exhibition histories, digital humanities


This project will work with a cross-course team of students to develop an interactive digital platform for documenting and re-activating a highly significant exhibition of contemporary art that took place in 1989: ‘The Other Story: Afro-Asian Artists in Post-War Britain’. This exhibition, which took place at the Hayward Gallery in London, will be mapped visually and spatially online, then shared with the public for personalised tours and refereed refinements.


3D Digital Workflow Model: The impact of new digital technologies on peer-to-peer learning in an art school

Awardees: Louisa Minkin & Elizabeth Wright
College: Central Saint Martins
Discipline: Digital 3D Fine Art and Design


This project will bring students, technical & academic staff to build knowledge of 3D digital capture, file processing and the rendering of 3D digital live (non-material) models. Using low tech mobile phones, photogrammetry and state of the art scanners we will render 3D digital life models of interior and exterior architectural spaces within CSM.  The project will provide an open source resource made available for other users within CSM and UAL.


Listening as method for collaborative and inclusive Creative Curricula

Awardees: Ximena Alarcón, Salomé Voegelin & Thomas Gardner
College: London College of Communication
Discipline: Sound Arts


This project will collaborate with members from the LCC community (admin, teaching, technical staff and students) to participate in three intensive Deep Listening workshops to experience the acoustic space’s subtleties and reflect on its impact on Learning, Creative Curricula, Sustainable Practice and Collaborative Research within a context of change. Ultimately these workshops will encourage and frame collaboration, curriculum development, cross-disciplinary relationships and expand sustainable practices through acoustic ecology.


Other Voices: Equality and Inclusivity

Awardee: Susan Flynn
College: London College of Communication
Discipline: Equality and Diversity


This project will explore academic and practical meaning of equality and the benefits of it as a theoretical framework. Workshops will be based on ‘other voices’, an opportunity for alternative lived experience and perspectives. The project will culminate in a symposium that aims to privilege non-mainstream academic perspectives, those that critically engage with issues of race, class, religion and sexuality. Students will have the opportunity to contribute to the organisation of the symposium as well as to present their own papers.


Radio SGFAction

Awardee: Dr Holly Ingleton
College: London College of Communication
Discipline: Sound Arts and Design


This project is a student-focussed research group invested in decolonising the BA Sound Arts and Design curriculum at LCC, incorporating a wider breadth of student experience.  The project will draw upon theHer Noise Archive,Sound:Gender:Feminism:Activism (SGFA) andHere are some scores for you to doprojects developed through theSound, Gender & Feminismresearch strand at CRiSAP, targeted specifically toward an undergraduate level. The project aims to establish new communities of practice for BA Sound Arts and Design students with a positive focus on diversity and inclusivity.


A Different Hue of Blue

Awardee: Diana Donaldson
College: London College of Fashion
Discipline: Inclusivity within the Curriculum


This project aims to examine and demonstrate the impact of inclusivity within the curriculum specifically delivered by an educator from a culturally diverse background. Building upon the existing theoretical framework of inclusive practice within the curriculum, the project will measure and document the potential imprint, benefit and transference of experience in the field of inclusive practice within the curriculum.


Student Coaching Programme

Awardee: Dr Alison James
College: London College of Fashion
Discipline: Multidisciplinary across Fashion


This project will complement a College-wide Peer Mentoring Scheme, which is used to improve student attainment, boost motivation and help students develop confidence, self-management and study strategies, among other things. The Student Coaching Programme will create, test and evaluate a student-led coaching programme to enhance student self-efficacy and add to the students’ skillset.  


Words of Art

Awardees: Zoë Mendelson & Paula Smithard
College: Wimbledon College of Art
Discipline: Fine Art, Contextual Practice


This project seeks to explore writing as art practice by extending students’ relationships to writing towards considerations of tactile materiality, live spoken word or performative activity, site-specific writing practices, temporality, bridging gaps between the written form and object-oriented art practices. The project aims then to shift the focus of writing from the computer screen to the studio and seeks to break down the perception of barriers between writing on the one hand and art on the other. Words of Art also offers the opportunity for students to rethink publication in terms of non-print modes of dissemination.

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