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David White: speaker at DigiTell 2014

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We're really please to announce David White as one of our speakers at DigiTell 2014: Exploring Online Presence in Creative Practice. David recently joined the University of the Arts London  as Head of Technology Enhanced Learning at ‘CLTAD‘ David previously Managed a team of online distance learning developers at the University of Oxford.

David works in the spaces between learning, academia and technology and has been researching how students use the Web for over a decade. David has led national and international studies around the role of the digital in the context of higher education and is known for his “Visitors and Residents” principle which helps in understanding individuals motivations to engage online. David is currently working on evolving the V&R mapping process so it can be used to gain a picture of a group or organisation’s digital engagement.

Find out more about David at or on twitter @daveowhite

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