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Day 2 - CCW Digital Maker Week: Internet of Things (IoT)

Day 2 - CCW Digital Maker Week: Internet of Things (IoT)

Chelsea College of Arts, SU Bar on Tuesday 17th May 2016 (11 to 4)

3D Printing/scanning | Internet of Things | Virtual/Mixed Reality | Physical computing

 Join CCW cross disciplinary peer supported interests groups, exploring & supporting emergent digital making with staff, students & alumni from Camberwell, Chelsea & Wimbledon Colleges of Arts in collaboration with arts sector, tech industries & MakerSpaces.

  • Explore, Try & Contribute: Internet of Things (Iot), insights from students, staff & the maker movement. Find out how to join the UAL/CCW peer supported network & get involved in digital making activities, groups & future projects.

Alongside the theme of each day CCW staff, students and partners from the CCW Pop Up Digital MakerSpace will be sharing & exchanging skills and ideas from the other days themes including - 3D printing/3D scanning, Virtual/Mixed Reality, Physical computing (interactive tech). See full week of digital making activities here - CCW Digital Maker Week Mon 16th to Fri 20th May 2016.

FabLab London

We are really pleased to have FabLab London joining us, who will be sharing some of the Internet of Things working examples we have been exploring in IoT events over the past few months, including FabLab away days and the Emergent Technologies in Art & Design project. FabLab will also be supporting an open studio style IoT making table with the The Emergent Technologies in Art & Design project group, visitors are welcome to observer & find out more about the IoT tech 7 ideas being explored by the group.

Student Projects

BA Fine Art students Sarah Lynch-Jones and Daniel Bandfield will be constructing an emotional AI which will react to human contact using objects, games and language. They will be using sensors and microcontrollers to record data and send it remotely to a website which will display the AIs reaction. Come along on Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday to ask them questions and learn more about Arduinos, programming and network technology!

The Emergent Technologies in Art & Design project group. Connected Spaces: Addressing the unknown as the increasingly overlapping spheres of online subjectivities and public spaces, this project tackles the emerging possibilities of the Internet-of-Things to explore novel technologies connecting virtual and physical spaces as much as Tate audiences with a wider (online) public.

Visiting Alumni 

Angelo Madonna After completing a BA course in Sculpture at Camberwell College of Arts, where I explored installation, different materials and sound, I became interested in physics, electricity, oscillatory motions and their relation with sound and space. At the same time, as I have always wanted to play a musical instrument I started looking for an instrument that could operate through the means I was interested in. And so, I discovered the Theremin, an instrument that operates through oscillation and magnetic field.

As a DIY electronic performer/sculptor, my intention is to produce work that explores the relationship between sound and space and how this affects human affectivity and behaviour. I am also interested in creative collaboration with other artists to experiment further with sound frequency, space and the ambition of a new form of art.

Rosemary Munro Kerr uses off-grid technologies and low-tech devices to create playful, modular systems. The systems consist of collections of hand made, found and electronic objects that monitor and reproduce environmental variations in the immediate surroundings. Each system is modular and contributes to a network of cause and effect that transforms information from organic to electronic (inorganic) form to recycle back into the same environment.

I am interested in how generative systems can be meaningfully situated in space, how the spectator can influence this space, and how the energy produced is directly fed back into a quantifiable, cyclical action.

During the makerspace week I will be developing modular sections of a new network, using sensors and lights to develop individual test circuits.  Later these will be combined with low-tech objects to create a system of cause and effect.  I'll also have examples of some previous prototypes to work with.

About CCW Digital Maker Week

Event is organised by CCW Digital Learning, Teaching & Enhancement at University of the Arts London (UAL) supports interest led digital interdisciplinary arts projects across Camberwell, Chelsea & Wimbledon Colleges of Art (CCW). With support from the UAL Learning Teaching Exchange ‘Staff & Student Collaboration Fund’ and SUARTS.

CCW arts staff and students in collaboration with the tech industries and arts sector explore and critique digital making and emergent digital practice through regular interdisciplinary interest led group meet-ups and events. Specialist groups support and share unique perspectives of digital making in the arts and aim to foster a co-produced, participatory approach to public engagement and develop new research and perspectives on an enquiry led interdisciplinary curriculum.

When: 16th to 20th May 2016 (daily 11am to 4pm)

Where: Chelsea College of Arts, Old SU Bar

Who: Open to anyone, Drop-in activities

Book: Free entrance

Event Contact: Chris Follows

Tag: #DigitalMakerWeek

Social: @CCWDigital & CCWDigital

Info: Find out more

CCW Digital Maker Week: Schedule 16th to 20th May 2016

  • DAY 1 - Mon 16th 3D Printing & Scanning More Details
    Chance to find out & get involved in digital making. Explore digital technology & the arts with UAL/CCW staff, students, artists, MakerSpaces & the Tech Industry: Main Theme of the day: 3D Printing/scanning
  • DAY 2 - Tues 17th: Internet of Things (IoT) More Details
    Chance to find out & get involved in digital making. Explore digital technology & the arts with UAL/CCW staff, students, artists, MakerSpaces & the Tech Industry: Main Theme of the day Internet of Things (IoT)
  • Day 3 - Wednesday 18th: Virtual/Mixed Reality (VR) More Details
    Come & learn about how CCW students are exploring VR, experience & join the conversation about VR and the arts
  • Day 4 - Thursday 19th International Digital Collaboration & Co-Produced Interactive Installation - CCW & Cyland MediaArtLab (Arduino, sensors, and interactive tech) More Details - Participants are invited to explore interactive technology together and co-produce an interactive installation in collaboration with live Cyland MediaArtLab joining us via a live stream
  • Day 5 - Friday 20thUn-Conference (Critique & Debate) & Closing event drinks reception
    10:30-11.30 Find out how to get involved in the Tate Exchange 11:30-12pm Artist talk 3D printing works by Paul Coldwell followed by 12:30-14:30 Student-Led Discussion: Digital Technology & the Arts. 15:00-1700 Closing event drinks reception More Details

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