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Debate: What are we worth? 5 Parts

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What are we worth? Artists and the Economic Crisis is the first in a new series of debates by Artquest, the Contemporary Art Society and DACS.

Speakers John Kieffer, Bob and Roberta Smith and Zineb Sedira looked at how artists can create income in support of their practice in a period of dramatic economic, social and technological change. Through open discussion the speakers considered how artists can harness their cultural assets and intellectual property -- both tangible and intangible -- to support their practice financially

Listen to each of the speakers:
Gilane Tawadros - Part 1/5
John Kieffer - Part 2/5
Bob and Roberta Smith - Part 3/5
Zineb Sedira - Part 4/5
Panel discussion and questions from the audience - Part 5/5

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'What are we worth?' is part of The New Economy of Art -- a series of open discussions throughout 2011-12 that will focus on the economic developments and opportunities in the cultural sector that impact on artists, from the perspective of artists.

The debate took place on 18 October at Conway Hall, London.

Next talk - March 2012.

Speaker biography
Zineb Sedira is an artist whose practice encompasses photography, installation and video. She works between Algiers, London and Paris. Zineb has exhibited widely from the Venice Biennale to the Pompidou Centre and the Folkestone Triennial and solo shows in Copenhagen, Toronto, Algiers, Paris and London.

Bob and Roberta Smith's work often takes the shape of hobbies; music, cooking or DIY which is then combined with a subversive humour. Past shows have involved performances, a large installation made with personalised signs on scrap materials and wall based paintings on wooden panels. His DIY approach appropriates the languages of folk, punk and the alternative protest movements to personalise political sloganeering

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