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Developing UAL online practice standard

This is a placeholder post for research and information currently being evaluated fro the professional online identities project, with an aim of starting a draft set of criteria that our staff and students may find useful for developing UAL online practice.

Developing UAL online practice standard areas to consider

  • Web making
  • Web environments: UAL and External environments (Free and Paid for)
  • Social media
  • Copyright
  • Sharing economy
  • Design process (user perspectives)
  • Manage/understand cost
  • Be more independent, build your own site, on a basic server, be able to move to new servers without losing web content and communities.
  • Understand backend development (web servers, files, transfer protocols etc.)
  • Understand security issues/implications
  • Dealing with Spam, Scams, unwanted strangers endorsing you or being an unwanted online 'friend' (Trolls). 
  • Look at alternatives to Facebook communities (move away from these being the primary/only communities but more secondary)
  • Issues with YouTube and other social media with: adverts, marketing etc. (what are the non-proprietary alternatives?)
  • Being searchable e.g. how to improve your visibility online
  • Employers searching you, what do they look for?
  • Importance of LinkedIn (Employees will check you out, you don’t need to spend long on this platform but having an up-to-date digital CV could help)
  • Make best use of social channels, Facebook, twitter etc. (as secondary always pointing back to you online home)
  • Names and identity brand copyright, how do you know what you use is ok?
  • URL extensions, which ones? .com .org .biz and how much they cost
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