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Developing video presentation skills

My blog post Lights, camera, action: presentations skills and video sums up the outline for the DIAL (Digitial Integration into Arts Learning) project on presentation skills. 

In brief: 

For the DIAL project, we are focusing on digital literacy and presentation skills. This could be how you use online tools to help create presentations (eg Prezi), using video conferencing software (Wimba, Skype) or putting your slides online (Slideshare).

We are kicking off with video… Out of 16 scenarios, ‘being filmed while speaking’ rated as the fourth most nervewracking, only marginally behind ‘speaking without preparing’, ‘formal presentations (examined)’ and ‘presenting in front of a large audience’ – and more nervewracking than ‘formal presentations’, ‘speaking without notes’ and ‘pitching your work to a potential client’.
A big question is: How do we counter the fears that creative students or staff have when speaking, whether it is in front of an audience or in front of a camera? We want to create a comfortable and open environment where people feel comfortable sharing their ideas and thoughts.
We are collaborating with Chitra Buckley who runs MA Fashion Entrepreneurship at the London College of Fashion to run pilot workshops to help the students develop the skills to create one-minute video pitches.
I'll be posting updates on the Presentation Skills project group in process.arts and any comments or suggestions are very much welcomed!
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