This site is a static archive of Process Arts, an open online repository of arts learning resources that was active from 2009 - 2017

DIAL projects and activities

DIAL Developed & supported Communities of Practice and Interest groups. The DIAL Project blog and the resource groups page (below) show DIAL projects and activities outputs to date. For all DIAL related posts on process.arts also see DIAL 2011 - 2013 group and the DIAL tag.

6 X DIAL Community of Practice groups:

Led and stewarded by the group initiators and participants 

Groups were led by the self identified staff initiators, each group carried out its own mini project in collaboration with DIAL producing a number of outputs these were shared on process.arts

Professional Online Identities project Video presentation skills


6 x Stewards (5 staff 1 student)

60+ BA Students & Alumni and 15 Staff (Participants)

Collaboration partners: DIAL, CLTAD, CSM PDP, SEE,

Learn IT,  OD&L, Own-IT, CC Skills



Resource posts on process.arts documentation,

resources & OERs

(80+ resources, each receiving between 1k to 6k reads)

(Second pilot) Online Identities Pilot Programme 2013/14

(First pilot) Online Identities POI Programme 2013

Exploring new approaches LSP Lego Serious Play

Identified key skills a graduate should have for developing

online professional practice (Data, standards, possible unit)



1 x Steward

4 x Staff

20+ MA Students (Participants)

Collaboration partners DIAL, CLTAD, SEE,

Speaking Out. MA LCF Fashion Entrepreneurship



Video Presentation Skills Resources on process.arts (20 resources between 400 and 3k views per post)

Video presentation skills, reflections: on developing VPS workshops

Workshop documentation - Teaching video presentation skills

Journey Blog

Open education and Flexible learning Drupal UAL


2 x Stewards

40 Staff (Participants)

Collaboration partners All Colleges, DIAL, CLTAD, ALTO & ALTO UK


Resources on process.arts OER (30 Resources between 600 and 12k views per post)

Co-development of the Open Practice Unit: Here

Developed an Open UAL Policy ‘Draft document’:

Digital literacies for open education Focus groups

Journey: Blog


3 x Stewards

15 Staff and 5 Students (Participants)

Collaboration partners DIAL, CLTAD



Resources on process.arts (40 resources between 300 and 3k views per post)

Gained UAL communities of practice funding and college wide interest for this project

Student developer resources



Things unlimited project CLTAD Teaching Development Projects


3 x Stewards

52 x Library services staff (Participants)

Collaboration partners DIAL, CLTAD, Library services



The Things unlimited resource group (15 Resources between 500 and 2k views per post)

The final prototype see examples here

The Forum

LILAC Conference poster

Journey: Blog


1 x Steward

70 x Student teachers PG Cert (Participants)

Collaboration partners DIAL, CLTAD



Student Teacher videos: 75 self-reflective videos CLTAD Teaching Development Projects. (Between 400 and 3k views per resource post)

The monthly activities for the two core units: Monthly activities & examples Teaching Development Project unit: Monthly activities & examples.

Online Reflective Practice Case Studies

Journey: Blog

6 x Community of Interest groups:

DIAL supported the development of Clusters Groups, promoting good practice and sharing interests

DIAL identified recurring common interests and activities happening across UAL. DIAL created COI groups to explore these themes through its own related mini projects and the development of cross college online cluster groups to help share resources, activities and good practice across UAL.

Copyright Issues Making learning videos
Digital Literacies in the Arts Tablets in workshops and studios
Social Media at UAL The Learning Studio


DIAL supported many other groups and projects:

Support and advice from DIAL or new projects in the early stages of development

Assessing Digital literacies Conference groups online
UAL Badges Creative Digital Practice 
Laser Cutting Collaborations Research networks oline
Enterprise and employability  Open Source software group


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