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The Digital Portfolio or Website

When a courses requests students submit a portfolio of work, many students want to create a web based portfolio. Here are some things to think about:

What you know:

Great way to find out where students currently operate in the online - V&R mapping exercise (20mins)

What you need to know & why:

What is the course asking ?

  • Be clear about what your aims
  • Do you need to create an online portfolio of your work to submit
  • What is assessed, content, design, communication ?
  • How is it assessed, do I provide a like or a screen shot, can I continue to edit the site beyond the submission deadline ?
  • Do you really need to learn web development for this or is a a quick & easy way (see below)
  • Is it going to take months to achieve?
  • If your wanting to build a website for your practice this would be an extra curricular activity as many courses do not have support for web development in their offer, unless they say so.

Build an online portfolio/website:

Easy to difficult: Ready Made Website or Build Your Own?

From out the box websites like SquareSpace, Wix, Cargo or blogging Tumblr or WordPress to in-house tools like WorkFlow or going it alone and learning code, about servers, open source etc.

Social Media, professional networks etc

Content for online portfolio:

  • Bio
  • Selecting Images
  • Analysis of practice
  • Practice case studies
  • Reflection
  • Contextual/research information

WebMaking Resources:


See OwnIt and resources on process.arts Copyright issues

Also see these post about using/re-use of images online:

What students say they use

Hosting services:

Art websites

Saatchi online

Website examples staff & students have mentioned: (staff)

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