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Digital woven design with electronic loom control - Chelsea weave department at CCW Digital MakerSpace

Chelsea College of Arts weave department : Lisa Bloomer (academic) Roz Cottrell and Bec Chivers (technical)

Images from the day, with weave student Isabella Mackenzie:

Session: Demonstration: Digital woven design with electronic loom control run by software downloaded to the loom.

Display demonstrating point carre specialist weave software used within the department to design woven textiles and control lifting patterns on arm looms. 

The application of "I weave it" on the ipad as an educational demonstration tool used in the woven textile department rather than working on point paper (weave specific graph paper). Woven design structures discussed and explored between academic, technical staff and students in iweave it can be saved forwarded to students use. Some students purchase I weave it for use on their own iPads to have access to cad design at home.

Time: 11am - 4pm

What the weave department would like to gain from the day: Joining the wider community of departments using software to design with and control manufacturing processes.

About digital woven design: Comprehension that the loom was the inspiration for current digital technology. The first computer was a development of jacquard looms which were by the nature of their operation of selection and non-selection to lift or not lift warp threads were digital whilst being mechanical. We use software to design complex woven structures and download this digital information into ten of our 24 shaft sample looms. We also use the jacquard version of the same software to design jacquard fabrics on our 1320 thread jacquard loom. It is a demonstration of computer technologies aiding woven design and manufacturing, the very processes that inspired technological digital developments.



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Please come and join us for a digital making community building event (open to the public) at Chelsea College of the arts on May 13th.

Meet specialist makers, learn about digital making & MakerSpaces at CCW MakerSpace day: 'Chelsea Jam' aims to bring together staff, students and MakerSpaces from across London & UK to share perspectives on digital making within the arts with an aim of establishing a new 'arts digital making community'.

Please come and join us and encourage others along for:

CCW Digital MakerSpace Day: Chelsea Jam on 13th May in the Banquetting Hall at Chelsea College. 

The event is open to all staff and students and are encouraged to drop-in anytime between 11am - 4pm (FabLab presentation start at 1pm).

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