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Digital Zoo Meetups July 11th & 12th


Digital Zoo Meetups!

Next week in A216 (Chelsea) all day on Tuesday 11th and in the afternoon on Wednesday 12th. Everyone is welcome to come along and either help with the project, or just use the space to work on their own things.

The free web socket friendly host I was using, Open Shift, has turned out to be hopelessly unreliable. I'm going to be going back to using the slow but ubiquitous PHP on an Apache server which means near real time communication is out (for now).

This is ok, though, as I have refined the zoo plan. There will be a website with 3D animated animals corresponding to each space where the installations are. In these physical spaces will be a monitor display the website. All of the entrances to each space will have two PIRs ( mounted on them so that we can keep track of how many people are in the room. The more people that are in a room, the more active the room's corresponding animal will be! Maybe they will start of sleeping, and then start grazing, then walking and so on until they are running about.

As always, I'm open to suggestions and we can integrate other elements into this system. See Facebook group

More about Digital Zoo here.

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