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Drawing out 2012 - Friday highlights

Really enjoyed the Friday sessions of drawing out 2012, I didn't get chance to see everything but the few I did were really high quality and gave me plenty to think about. Hopefully all the resources from this conference with be published online and as OERs.

I was interested to see all the references and connections between traditional drawing and digital drawing processes, Mark Burry's key note was visual treat, I thought his references and examples of process were brilliant, Mark described the transitional processes of his architectural practice into digital practice, this experince and journey would be great to capture in some way along with all his great animations and drawing - ADD TO DO LIST (    

Martine Corompt
Martine Corompt presentation on cartoon art was concerned with cartoon caricature and the process of minimalising and standardising form, how we take complex forms and structures and reduce to its minimalist representation. Martine used the caricatured hand as an example and highlighted its representational transformations and reduction through cartoons, the reduced three fingered cartoon hand over time became standardized in cartoons from Mickey mouse to the Simpsons and even the design of the computer cursor, although I checked the Mac hand cursor design and seems they have all their fingers, must be a Mickey mouse windows cursor thing. This presentation made me think about the minimalising and standardisation of content in other ways, specifically how we package and present tacit and explicit knowledge as online learning resources, objects and environments. 

James McArdle and Russell Tytler

James McArdle and Russell Tytler’s presentation learning through drawing in art and science also made me think about open online practice and the usefulness and relevance of drawings and illustration in open educational practice and the commonalities of drawing as a illustrative process across disciplines, specifically art and science. There are a few examples I came across last year of visualising knowledge and concepts and I’d like to try some rotoscope animation to better illustrate concepts, heres an example.




Illustrations for The Expression of the Emotions in Man and Animals, by Charles Darwin, 1872.Heliotypes. Photography Collection, The New York Public Library 

Other Notes

Interesting take on identities and online identities

Warlimpirrnga Tjapaltjarri





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