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DRAWN IDENTITIES: Pepsi, Shakers and Tattoos


I no longer recognise much of a divide between writing and drawing, for me, the two travels hand in hand towards very similar goals. Leonardo’s drawing books contain as many words as images, probably more, when words failed him, images took over and when an image didn’t do the job his pen moved on to shape words in support.

Both writing and drawing involve the translation of multidimensional events and concepts into readable two-dimensional matter. In the case of drawing, directions and instructions are turned into lines, volume into contours, sounds into shapes, shadows into tone, colors into words and words into marks. Marks that can be drawn using sets of established conventions, built from on-the -spot improvisations, or constructed from a combination of the two. In the case of writing and as it happens Morse code the entire world is translated into lines and dots.... essay continues

Essay on the following: (London 2009)

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