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Drupal 7 - Create Slideshow inside nodes/articles

I want to give this a go - but I need to work out how to install the plugins in drupal??

This is a small tutorial on how to create an image slideshow inside a node on Drupal 7.

Read this if you want:

  • To have an image slideshow inside a node
  • Have captions with html tag support

If you are interested in:

  • Creating a slideshow for your frontpage
  • Making a rotating banner
  • Display nodes or content on a slideshow

you should better google for Views slideshow.

Although you may think that finding a module to create such a simple slideshow would be easy, it is not. Drupal 7 no longer supports adding a description for your image that we could use for our caption. So most modules use the title or alt attribute of the image as a caption. But you cannot input long texts in these attributes, let alone add html tags. One solution could be to just download one of the millions eye-candy jquery slideshows out there be done with it. But what if you are building a website for a client and you don't want them to write code inside an article (plus not all people are able to do that). You want to be able to use the already installed power and usability of drupal for your client's slideshows. Well don't despair! There is a very easy and simple solution.

What we need: Drupal 7 of course and two modules. Field Collection and Field Slideshow (you 'll also need their prerequisites entity and jcycle plugin).

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