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Drupal 7 problem uploading images into a post

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I'm trying to set up in Drupal 7 an easy way of uploading images direct into a post using CK editor but the path to connect to images is missing and the path to save images to the server is incorrect? Does anyone know the correct paths I should be using if this is the problem?

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When adding your CK Editor module you may get a warning about adding ckeditor.js file

You may need to create a libraries folder) - just follow the steps it provides and all will work OK 

The CKEditor component is not installed correctly. Please go to the CKEditor homepage in order to download the latest version.

After that you must extract the files to the 




directory and make sure that the 




file exists.

Refer to the README.txt file for more information.

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With some help from gsedek we changed a few settings to get it to work - installed IMCE and then edited the File Browse settings configuration of the CKeditor and selected IMCE.


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Twitter from - Did you check our CKEditor for guides? Make sure you follow the right version:

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did you install imce? it depends on that. G.

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I found the insert module and activated this in the content type and it works well, maybe better than the other method? -

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