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DRUPAL CON 2012 Munich /**/ a possibibily for students to join the Drupal community

From 20 to 24 August this year, the Drupal community will gather in Munich. It is a great possibility for anyone who's interested in discovering more about Drupal: as a beginner one can attend introductory talks, otherwise various groups will see people actually working on codes.

The social aspect is very important too. Networking for business and collaborations happen easily. As art students we are in the privileged position of being able to offer more 'traditional' coders alternative kinds of know-how: firstly, an eye for design (many times within the Drupal community has been recognized the need for CSS designers), thanks to our cultural studies we can also propose a wider perspective on society and possibilities of business.

Therefore, this is the link to Munich Con. There's a limited number of tickets discounted for students which cost 200 € instead of 400, you can fill the form after being registered to Drupal (the usual procedure for creating an online account).

I'm a student myself, the way I've done it so far is (i'm still in the process of applying):

- fill in an application to SEE for funding (they'll cover up to 50% of the cost if accepted) here (CORRECTION: SEE cannot fund this opportunity, I'm looking into other possibilities)

- fill in the form for student discounted tickets

Part of this opportunity includes the fact that I'll be able to provide accommodation in Munich for another 2 students if there's request to.

Finally, it can be included in the CV and to be part of the Drupal community give access to a series of job opportunities. Being Drupal an open source CMS the community is very active in supporting members, especially if particularly active.

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