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Drupal UAL contacts/mailing list


UAL are forming a drupal UAL (open source web development) community, if you would like to be involved please leave your details and your brief background history and what you'd like to contribute or learn from this community, more details:

This project aims to encourage and develop a new open support network for UAL staff and students to explore, experiment and share ideas and knowledge of using and developing Drupal web environments and projects.

Project outline and aims: Bring together the individuals at UAL staff and students who are working with drupal, meet and plan project approach below:

In collaboration with interested drupal project staff/developers and student developers we aim to hold 6 hackdays ( 3 hour dropin, software collaboration, discussion and experiment). The hackdays will be held in each college and will provide a drop-in service. An introduction to drupal: for those who would like to learn about drupal and UAL drupal projects and to discuss projects and code development and join the online community. More details -


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My details: Please see -

What I'd like to contribute or learn from this community

I've been involved in using drupal for a few years and would like to share with others my experiences and hopefully gain experience and different perspectives of using drupal from others. The drupal UAL community is open group and would like to attract a wide variety of interests from the curious observer to the drupal expert.

Over the past few years I've been looking at using drupal to develop oepn educational content communities like process.arts and as process.arts moves into an officially managed service at UAL there will be room/opportunity for development, growth and expansion either with process.arts or with new web projects. Many others may see the benefits of using druplal and wish to develop their own CMS spaces and communities as part of their practice.

UAL and the education sector generally may struggle to meet capacity if demand for drupal based in-house web production continues to rise. By starting a UAL drupal community now we hope to build a team of in-house drupal developers and webmakers who can support each other and share best practice and potentially help meet future demand in this area. 

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