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DRUPALCON 2012, the state of Drupal and Academia

From an informal discussion group today emerged the need for cohesion among departments, universities and the various individuals using Drupal. Especially because the groups already created on are fragmented and the many efforts put into the development of platforms are often wasted.

I will analyze in depth those groups in the next post later on today in the evening.

But again, we can say that there's a real necessity for people and systems to connect and share common experiences, especially in the HE sector where the constant demand for innovation takes strong teams to cooperate.

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Would be great to try and get some contacts who are keen to collaborate. We have some small funds we're writing up a proposal for which : 


"project should be supporting the HE sector as a whole and be seen as a template for other HEIs to aspire to in promoting their OERs internationally."

"Projects are invited to devise and implement policies at their
institutions to promote previously created OER to an international
Work should include the following:
•       the identification of relevant resources to use for promotion;
•       the development and embedding of strategies/policies for promotion;
•       the fostering of relationships with other organisations like the British Council etc.
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