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Effective video pitches by Pei-Chin Tay

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In this video Pei-Chin Tay from UAL enterprise and employability talks about effective video pitches, part of video presentation skills workshop. A collaboration between LCF, DIAL, Speaking Out and SEE. The project  has enabled to develop a pilot workshop model to teach video presentation skills and confidence to students. The workshops have being devised by Laura North of SEE in collaboration with Chitra Buckley, Course Director for the MA Fashion Entrepreneurship at the London College of Fashion.


'How to teach video presentation skills' is a DIAL funded project that provides UAL staff with a collection of resources to help teach presentation skills workshops. The resources include a step-by-step guide to running the workshop and videos that demonstrate how the workshop can be run.

Our partners were Pei-Chin Tay, Student Enterprise and Employability, Alison James, Associate Dean, Learning & Teaching, London College of Fashion and Speaking Out an organisation that develops presentation confidence and skills, with DIAL supporting the project and developing digital literacy skills.

The video documents the activities ran with the intention of encouraging other facilitators to run similar workshops.

1 of 3 videos:

1: Video presentation skills workshop documentation

2: Pei-Chin Tay's talk about effective video pitches

3: Alison James' talk about presenting confidently to camera

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Workshop Pitching Skills

Workshop part 1

workshop part 2

workshop part 3

workshop part 4

Workshop part 5

Presenting confidetly to camera

Effective Video Pitches


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