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EGOER and IP-OER (case study example) in open arts practice

See video

Relationships and tensions between teaching practice and OEP practice.

In this video I talk about EGOER (not worrying about being online, just go for it) & I give a breif example of an IP, IPR case study/experience

Cultural capital – OER can mean different things to different people, issues of quality, an OER can be anything from a simple comment to a full open online course. Make a move from the term OER to OEP (you share and discus your educational and/or professional practice online with others)    

Also see: Full presentation SCORE presentation recording 31 May 2012, in this video I talk about my SCORE fellowship project I've been working on over the past year -

See - The Case for Appropriation - Rob Storr provides a clear introduction and overview of the historical and contemporary issues around artist and appropriation.

See the full video here- The Case for Appropriation, a panel moderated by Joy Garnett at the School of Visual Arts 

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How to drop your ego and assert your essence identity (real I) Eckhart Tolle -

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Are Thoughts The Source of Ego? - please watch -

  • Hostile minds
  • Self image is derived from thinking,.. deriving your identity through thinking

Eckhart, Could you elaborate on ego versus healthy self-esteem? -

  • Compare against others
  • Healthy self esteem Vs low self esteem or unhealthy self esteem
  • The OER dream – dream like identifying with form not identifying with form buil your online form of identity, can be removed – self esteem worthiness
  • And true power worthiness is not comparative (not more than) sense of worth not lost it shifts into a deeper sense of worth
  • Superficial happiness

Did the universe make a mistake with the ego? -

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Transactional Analysis 1: ego states & basic transactions - Great set of videos about EGO -

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