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Employability Scaffold Workshop (UAL Colleagues) 2 June 2015

This June, scholar Fiona Peterson (Deputy Dean of Learning & Teaching for the School of Media and Communication at RMIT will be visiting the UK and has kindly agreed to host an Employability workshop on the afternoon of Wednesday 3rd June. The event will be held at LCC and is open to all UAL colleagues.

Employability Scaffold Workshop

Date: 3rd June 2015
Time: 14:00 – 16:00
Location: Tower Block Room, 301 LCC, Elephant and Castle, SE1 6SB

Who should attend?
UAL colleagues with an interest in teaching and learning, and/or student employability.

What will be covered?
This workshop introduces a scaffolded employability model – embedding work integrated learning (WIL) with e-learning and the studio model. The aim is to seek feedback from colleagues, and to explore ideas together for development of digital folios as part of implementing the employability scaffold for student outcomes.

A key challenge is to extend the studio model of learning and teaching for the global workplace, where our graduates need to be agile, creative and connected. We need to support collaborative interdisciplinary learning, virtual studio and virtual team projects, and online work integrated learning (WIL) in local and international contexts.

WIL relies on key curriculum dimensions such as authenticity, adequate preparation, debriefing and reflection time, scaffolded skill development, and robust feedback to students (Smith et al., 2014). Graduates also need to be able to present their work and speak about their capabilities to employers (Oliver, 2013).

Who will be presenting?
We are very pleased that the session will be delivered by visiting scholar, Associate Professor Fiona Peterson, Deputy Dean, School of Media and Communication, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT) University, Australia. Fiona has worked with UAL on a number of projects.


Please RSVP through the booking form provided in the link above.

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