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English Plus - Film Making DAY 1

Some students are from Russia
Some students are from Spain
Some students are from Taiwan
Some students are from Brasil
Some students are from Hungary
See attached map of local the area

Tiutor - Chris Follows

Students will take part in video and animation workshops to create their own experimential video and animations.

Using Mini DV cameras, photography, phone and flip cameras. Students will be shown how to edit and enhance their videos using Mac computers with Final Cut studio Pro software and iStop motion.

Videos can include animation sequences or found/old footage, edited together.

Students will be shown basic stop frame animation methods using a stills camera either out and about on location in London or in a studio with lights using animation software iStopmotion.

Exhibition - students will author their final video work onto DVD using DVD Studio Pro and have a group critique screening and exhibition at the end of the course.Dring this course students will have the opportunity to look at the work of contemporary artists and directors making experimental video.

During this course students will have the opportunity to look at the work of contemporary artists and directors making experimental video. The course will also include a visit to Barbican Gallery, Watch Me Move: The Animation Show.

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Last years films -

Jan Svankmajer: Dimensions of Dialogue Part 2 -

Tomorrow we are going to animate with large amouts of clay similar to the Jan Svankmajer we will us iStop motion to captupe the live scuplpting process.

The following films, video and animation's will be used as points of reference and influence for this project:

Dziga Vertov Man with a Movie Camera 1929 Non-documentary style of film-making

David Hall Tap Piece 1971 TV Interruptions

Patrick Keiller London 1993 Neither film nor documentary but a journal of sorts

J a n Sv a n k m a j e r 'Dimensions Of Dialogue' Exhaustive discussion Passionate discourse Factual conversation 1982 Stop motion animation

Bob Sabiston and Tommy Pallotta Snack and Drink 2000 Rotoscope animation

John Cage 4'3 3'' 1952 Sound Nam June Paik technical interventions to modify transmitted electronic images

Allan Kaprow 1959 Happenings, audience participation

John Smith Girl Chewing Gum 1976 Film (voice-over in television documentary)

Jo Lawrence Glow 2007 Animation

Virgil Widrich Fast Film 2005 Animation/found footage


For next week please watch this into to Final Cut Pro:

Gallery VISIT

Date to be confirmed TBC Barbican art London

Watch Me Move: The Animation Show - Barbican Art Gallery  Tickets: Standard £10 online/£12 on the door Concessions £7 online/£8 on the door Secondary school (groups of ten or more) £6 12-17s yrs £6 online/£7 on the door Under 12s free

Map to and from Foundation and ENGLISH PLUS FILM-MAKING - vocabulary list attached (see below)

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