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English Plus Film short course

Group Stop motion project
Group Stop motion project
Group Stop motion project
Group Stop motion project
Group Stop motion project
Stop motion studio
Stop motion studio
Stop motion studio
Screening film reference and influence for the project
Green screen

Selection of Images of the English Plus Film short course July 2010, video of the work completed on the short course with descriptions of how each piece was made can be found here

COURSE OUTLINE - July 2010 English Plus - Film (Video and animation) Tutor: Chris Follows

WEEK 1 - You will be shown a small selection of films and video to help contextualise your own video/animation project. We will experiment with stop motion, different animation techniques, using cut outs, objects, drawing and sculpting clay (we will use clay on day 2 so please wear appropriate clothes as it may get messy). We will use istop motion software. You will be given video cameras and asked to shoot footage for week two.

WEEK 2 - You will be shown basic video editing techniques using Final Cut Pro we will explore the use of video layers and effects, we will transform individual frames by drawing over them a technique called rotoscoping.  

WEEK 3 - We will reflect on the techniques learnt and work made so far and begin to plan and start your final video/animation piece. We have a gallery visit planed for day 2 the tutor will accompany you around The Surreal House exhibition at the Barbican art gallery.

WEEK 4 - Final video/animation piece followed by group critique

The following film, video and animation should be used as reference for you project:

Dziga Vertov    Man with a Movie Camera    1929    Non-documentary style of film-making

David Hall    Tap Piece    1971    TV Interruptions

Patrick Keiller    London    1993    Neither film nor documentary but a journal of sorts
J a n  Sv a n k m a j e r    'Dimensions Of Dialogue'
Exhaustive discussion Passionate discourse Factual conversation    1982    Stop motion animation

Bob Sabiston and Tommy Pallotta    Snack and Drink    2000    Rotoscope animation

John Cage     4'3 3''    1952    Sound

Nam June Paik            technical interventions to modify transmitted electronic images

Allan Kaprow        1959    Happenings, audience participation

John Smith    Girl Chewing Gum    1976    Film (voice-over in television documentary)

Jo Lawrence    Glow    2007    Animation

Virgil Widrich    Fast Film    2005    Animation/found footage

Exhibitions to visit (optional):
Francis Alys - A story of Deception - Tate modern (London)
Alÿs's work starts with a simple action, either by him or others, which is then documented in a range of media. Alÿs explores subjects such as modernising programmes in Latin America and border zones in areas of conflict, often asking about the relevance of poetic acts in politicised situations. He has used video projection and film but also spreads his ideas through postcards. Painting and drawing remain central to his work too.
Breda Beban - My Funeral Song - Camden Arts Centre (London)

A five-screen video installation - My Funeral Song focuses on one of Beban's close friends as they listen to the song they would like to have played at their funeral. The simplicity of each portrait heightens attention to subtle gestures and shifts in expression that chart an inner journey, through psychological states of remembering the past and envisioning a future in their absence.


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