This site is a static archive of Process Arts, an open online repository of arts learning resources that was active from 2009 - 2017

Examples of staff content

Below are a few examples of staff who have used and uploaded content on to process.arts, most have contributed as part of their everyday practice others have received funding to develop some learning material. Some users have had assistance and some have had no assistance at all.

Following a recent meeting with the technical team at Wimbledon it sounded like it may be useful to explore 'best practice' for how learning material is created, what works and what doesn't ?

Be great to share ideas, experiences and stories here as comments below, please login before you comment (so we know whos commenting) or just comment without logging in and it will be anonymous comment but will have to be moderated trough the spam filter before being posted, depends when I check the holding list and approve.


Philip White -

CCW progression centre

Paul Lindley -

Laurence Noga -

Kybor Carlsen -

Manda Helal -

Henrietta Simson -

Rossela Emanuele -

Ashleigh Pearson  -


Melvyn Friend -


Kenny Taylor -

Professor Stephen Farthing -


Examples of content


Staff resources produced with support:

The examples below demonstrate the benefits of providing staff basic support to help them create and publish their own resources, low budget support can provide teachers vital time and space to produce quality resources for their students.

Introduction to sand casting videos (4 parts): these videos have been received well, attracting quality comments and over 100,000 Views YouTube -

Life Drawing - Laurence Noga - Wimbledon foundation 2010/11 -

Disc Sander demonstration -

Press molded ceramic sphere (2 parts) -



Staff resources produced without support:

Small Band Saw demonstration (Model-making Wood Workshop) -

Stretcher making worksheets 4 parts -

Sound and Story -

Contextual references English Plus Film -

Tips for documenting your work 3 Parts -



Students producing resources for students:

Posts by student Anna McAndrew -

Submerged (please see the student comments on this posts) -

Student documenting student -


Student interviewing student talking about their process:





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