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Examples of when process.arts has worked particularly well for students (1st draft)

We're looking to gather some process.arts case studies and stories of how process.arts is being used, please add your comments below. We also have a feedback section here -

Here a a few early examples of student use:

  1. Philip whites resource's ( ) helped students understand the sand casting process before venturing into the casting workshop at Camberwell (previously students were watching sand casting tutorials on youtube of man in filp flops in backyard in Texas pouring liquid aluminum). Philip's videos also proved popular on YouTube one video alone attracting 44,000 hits and comments from around the world. -
  2. We recorded these videos with Laurence Noga at Wimbledon/CCW foundation September 2010/11, there were three life classes on at the same time and many wanted to see/be in Laurence’s class and couldn’t. Many of the students were really happy this was recorded as they managed to participate and get to know Laurence practice when they would not have had the opportunity without. (see post comments)
  3. Michele Durante is a second year student at UAL, Michele has been working with the process.arts team as a drupal student developer, he is now a permanent member of the process.arts development team. Please contact more details.
  4. Anna McAndrew  is UAL alumni and wanted to manitin contacts with UAL, she is currently traveling around Canada researching alternative education systems. Anna uses process.arts to document her research on process.arts via her group ‘My self directed education’ Whilst at UAL Anna created lots of studio videos see her contents profile here - - Example of Anna documenting fellow student -
  5. See comments on this post students having the space to communicate and discuss their practice -
  6. Here's a recent example: My name is Ahilan and I'm an Alumni of UAL (CSM 2006 Theatre Design).

    I've only just been made aware of process.arts and wanted to pass on my enthusiasm for the ethos and collaborative nature of the site. It's really great to see the focus on actual making and processes undertaken rather than something geared towards conceptual thinking.

    One of the downsides of my study at CSM was that there was a general emphasis more towards conceptual ideas and articulation (which do have their importance) but can overshadow the art of making and the bare-knuckled tools necessary to facilitate personal creative pursuit.

    I've been undertaking various short courses in casting and glass making etc since leaving and it's invigorating to see this site up and running. So thank you, I guess! Best wishes Ahilan
  7. Student ‘anonymous feedback “Anything that builds the uni's community is a good thing. CSM lacked interdisciplinary communication during my two years (before Kings Cross move) at Southampton Row... when I started there I had visions of collaborating with people from fashion, textiles, graphic design etc. but there just wasn't that kind of atmosphere. My course barely communicated between year groups which was a real shame.”
  8. Feedback from non UAL users - Hi Chris, Here is a few lines about more and more people are getting to know process art: I went to an OER event organised by NIACE (The National Institute of Adult Continuing Education) in January 2012, where the educators of adult learners mentioned a need for free images and other multimedia resources. Nottingham’s Xpert and Process Art were recommended by some participants as the repositories for those free resources. Regards Ming Beyond Distance blog: Dr Ming Nie Research Associate in E-learning Beyond Distance Research Alliance University of Leicester 103-105 Princess Road East Leicester LE1 7LG
  9. Lestyn Williams, Lecturer, Fda/BA Production for Live Events and Television has been asked for an interview by the University press, to talk about his video on process.arts (they caught the attention of my video in process.arts).
  10. Students producing resources for students: Student interviewing student talking about their process:
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