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Dear Chris,

My name is Ahilan and I'm an Alumni of UAL (CSM 2006 Theatre Design).

I've only just been made aware of process.arts and wanted to pass on my enthusiasm for the ethos and collaborative nature of the site. It's really great to see the focus on actual making and processes undertaken rather than something geared towards conceptual thinking.

One of the downsides of my study at CSM was that there was a general emphasis more towards conceptual ideas and articulation (which do have their importance) but can overshadow the art of making and the bare-knuckled tools necessary to facilitate personal creative pursuit.

I've been undertaking various short courses in casting and glass making etc since leaving and it's invigorating to see this site up and running.

So thank you, I guess!

Best wishes

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Hi Ahilan, This is really great to hear thank you!

It's been a long road to getting process.arts running and keeping it going. It's an un-funded project and is working well as a self sustainable model.

Comments and feedback like yours are really useful, and one of the previous problems was keeping alumni connected with the process.arts community and also attract older alumni to interact with current students and staff, there's a lot of retrospective and real world experience of great value to current students, reason we recently added the new login for non-current UAL users.

There are projects at UAL to interact and involve alumni ( ) I'll keep you posted.

Your feedback post is really helpful in supporting the site and it's future.

Many thanks


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