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Feedback from the LILAC Conference

It was a great conference – and a really good poster session – and it was good to bump into some UAL people there...the feedback was that creating and sharing resources for library staff, was a really useful approach... see Colour Things Unlimited 'LILAC'

This is the first time I have attended LILAC – an extraordinary range and depth of presentations on research and practice in information literacy in libraries, though I was just there on Tuesday – the day of the posters...

There is lots of work going on around information literacy frameworks, and particular highlights for me were:

An update on the ANCIL project by Jane Secker and Katy Wrathall. ANCIL (A New Curriculum for Information Literacy) ANCIL offers a curriculum, and also a particular approach to information literacy. The need to join up provision across departments and services is a key part of ANCIL.

The Informed Researcher at Huddersfield Nicola Howorth and Andrew Walsh

 Vitae  (the UK organisation championing the personal and professional development of researchers)  have developed a Researcher Development Framework, (RDF) which describes the behaviour and attributes of successful researchers.

They also created a series of “lenses” through which to view the RDF, including an information literacy lens “The Informed Researcher”, and Huddersfield used this as the basis for their information literacy framework for their research students.


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