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Final Cut post-production video movie-making workflow hand out.



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Thank You Chris, M

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Hi, its personal preference really, please see I mostly use the CC BY attribution but have lately been using the zero universal license, as I find the attribution a problem when you are re-mixing multiple resources, its easier when you can just pull things together from resources when you know the resource developers are relaxed about there stuff being used and reused. Even if someone uses a zero license I try and reference in some way as its good practice I guess. So CC BY or Universal are my preference.   

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Thank you Chris,

I am flattered blush

Did I choose the right CC license? 

Best wishes,


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Wow that's a work of art ! I love info graphics , can this be cc licensed ? Cheers

CC0 1.0 Universal
To the extent possible under law, mfantich has waived all copyright and related or neighboring rights to this Work, Final Cut post-production video movie-making workflow hand out..