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Final Installation

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This is my final design using sketch up.

I have created an installation for my foundation final major project, I have been looking at the contrast between urban and rural structures. My installation consists of a large canvas painting, and a number of sculptural pieces. I am also going to be playing sound into the work to enhance the viewers emotions.

Skecth Up has been a great aid to my development, as its helped my visualise my design clearly.

I altered my installation design because I wanted to create a piece that was going to be more emotive, I began looking at how I could contrast the woods and the church in order to create a piece that was concerned with the structures of the locations aswell as the feelings one has within these sites. I introduced a canvas painting into the installation, as the focal point of the piece. I am not going to disregard the whole idea, I am still using the sculptures I have made, but I want to create a stronger impact on my viewer and I think creating a space that resembles the forest shown in a range of mediums will be more successful than my previous idea.

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Looks great, be good to hear about how you changed/developed your ideas from your other/first video sketch - - also be good to read a bit more contextual stuff about your ideas. Cheers Chris

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