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Find creative commons images with and

This site searches CC Flicker images you can use in your practice, this site specialises in finding creative commons images, have a go and please let us know what you think and how you used it, is it just same as searching in Flicker direct or does it save time by cutting out the Flicker interface?

Also see ImageStamper is a free tool for keeping dated, independently verified copies of license conditions associated with creative commons images. You can use it to safeguard your use of free images from license changes, or to prove you are the original image creator.


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Trialling a New Tool to Combat Visual Plagiarism

The University of the Creative Arts needs staff and students to test a visual searching tool developed by the University of Surrey. The pilot project tests image files against a repository to produce a similarity index based on key characteristics of the uploaded image.

The project team will be at Chelsea College of Art in A215 from 3 - 5pm on Tuesday 17 January to introduce the project and the pilot visual search tool, set simple tasks to trial the tool and gather feedback.

Tea, coffee and light refreshments will be provided.

If you are able to attend please book online by Friday December 16th

VADS: the online resource for visual arts

Spot the Difference project blog

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