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First Impressions

Sitting in Plane
Leaving Heathrow
Icy mountains over North East Canada

I arrived in Comox, BC, Canada two days ago. Everyday I am discovering this place in so many different ways and slowly adjusting to Canadian culture. Everything is so big, huge cars, huge roads, huge milk bottles, big houses, and everywhere I go I see huge shopping complexes with huge parking lots, and every shop I go into I find everything - every shop sells everything, I can't even see the back of the store in some shops. I just don't understand why there are so many of them!

The country is beautiful, big fur trees, the sea all around us, mountains with snow on them, silently watching over us as the clouds pass by. But I see two huge contrasts - this beautiful nature, and then, this invasion of man, who has seemed to have created mass shopping complexes and imposed vast consumerism amongst the population.

Those are my first impressions of the area I am in.

On a brighter note, I went to Highland Secondary School, where I will be mostly working and met the principal. It was great to meet him, and to talk briefly about the project. It is a new project with 21st Century Learning Initiative and I am thrilled to be the first person to start it. It gives me a lot of freedom and responsibility of how these four months will be. Tomorrow I will meet with the superintendent of the entire school district and many of her collegues who are excited about getting this project started.

It is hard to have an idea of how the project will be at this stage, so I am just planning week by week. This first week I will be assisting lessons as if I were a student to really get an idea of how the teaching is and what it is like to be a student here. The school also offers a lot of extra curricular activities so I will be participating in those also. Once I have experienced this week it will be much easier for me to have an idea of what's next. I would like work with the Fine Art department as that is what interests me in particular and hopefully start a collaborative art project with the students whilst creating my own Art. As Well as this I will also visit other schools and see how there teaching differs and what other programs they offer. And on an ever brighter note, the school has plans to start an outdoor garden in the Spring so I will definitely be getting involved with that.

This song really reminds me of here.

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Hi Anna really great to hear from you and looking forward to hearing more about your project, be great to get an insight into the school approaches, have you info about the award/project scheme e.g how did you get to do this etc... would you like me to create a project group for you - like we have for those on the front page banners, we could even get a banner on the front page? If so what would your project group be called.If youd like to create an account for Highland Secondary School to use to contribute thats OK or they can create their own. Have fun!

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