Forum for Drawing, Touch Screen and Question Time

Derrick Welsh invites you to bring a photo or sketch that relates to your current practice, any touch screen device (if you have one) and a question.ipads will also be provided.

When: 5.30pm-7pm Tuesday 8 May  2012

Where: Room 105, London College of Fashion, 20 John Princes St London W1G 0BJ

Following on from the success of the interactive digital drawing workshop with Dr Julia Gaimster, this is a further opportunity to explore drawing through touch screen devices.

Derrick Welsh  is a researcher and artist. He  has been  experimenting with sending drawings  as text messages since 2007. He  has pioneered drawing on handheld touch devices for education, in  schools and youth groups. He was Associate Drawing Fellow, Wimbledon College of Art 2009-2010.

Places are limited. Please RSVP: Charlotte Hodes, Professor in Fine Art

The Forum for Drawing is a research initiative which has been established to provide a platform for a  dialogue about drawing at London College of Fashion.

Researchers, staff and students throughout the university are welcome.

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