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future learning spaces

Last October Owen Kelly and  Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss organised the seventh Designs on E-Learning conference at Aalto University. All the papers and presentations from the conference have been edited and gathered into a 300 page pdf e-book, edited by Stefan and Owen, under the title Future Learning Spaces. The book is available for download at the Aalto University bookstore, by clicking on this link.

You can download a copy BY CLICKING HERE or on the download link for DoEL 2011 conference proceedings, PDF here on our website.

The book is available for download at the Aalto University bookstore, by clicking on this link.

please cite the book as:

Stefan Sonvilla-Weiss (ed.), Owen Kelly (ed.), “Future Learning Spaces”, 2011, Helsinki, Aalto University publication series, ISBN 978-952-60-4517-7

The ebook from the conference in Helsinki is now available for download. The ISBN numbers, for those who need them, are to be found on the last page.

You can find it here:
also simple pdf version attached here.

As it says on the page, the download is a available as zip file or as a pdf file. Once it has been downloaded you will have a 300+ page ebook in pdf format, released under a Creative Commons licence that is included in full at the back of the book.

UAL, SCORE, process.arts and ALTO papers included in this book are:

Part three: networked spaces

Exploring reuse of educational resource in art and design practice based learning and teaching page 156 - Chris Follows

Part Four: experimental spaces

Open Spaces for arts education - the ALTO ecosystem model: Page 186 - John Casey, Wolfgang Greller, Hywel Davies, Chris Follows, Nancy Turner, Ed Webb-Ingall

Codes: the book’s official identification numbers are:

  • ISBN 987-952-60-4517-7 (pdf)    
  • ISSN-L 1799-4853    
  • ISSN 1799-4861 (pdf)


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