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Gaming and open educational practice

Facbook conversation (edited) between myself and Corrado Morgana about gaming and open education:
CF - I've been to a couple of conferences discussing the 'Open' and 'blended' OER OEP agenda and game based learning keeps coming up as best practice ! May put in for some funding to explore this, will let you know if I do.
CM - Depends on age group. Tacit learning for youngsters works when the software is good possibly blended, but with older peeps...nah. If you're thinking games for Process Arts, gonna be tricky without patronising the player or being nothing more than a multiple choice quiz...but, see how it goes. My students have done kids based aspergers pre diagnosis games and some alphabet learning augmented reality stuff....for adults...hmmmm
CF - its not really my bag as you know and I feel same as you when I hear people talking about it, I tend to turn off, although I don't want to ignore it altogether. I am however interested in the community support element of gaming world of Warcraft etc ( I heard about this I know what I'm taking about ! ) and how this could apply to developing learning communities in education and online, will dip my toe in and see if there's anything in it.
CM - Really depends on what you wanna teach. Most 'good' stuff is tacit and learned while just playing ie strategy, history, economics via stuff like civilization or some simulators or computer/tech/programming stuff from games like little big planet that let peeps construct levels. However these are really tacit and gamers dont objectively play them to learn just to play or create stuff. Warcraft is a social space to foster gameplay, any real learning is the same as what we learn socially in real if we join a football team, and the socialusation that goes with that experience.
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