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Gareth Owen Lloyd of Machines Room at CCW Digital MakerSpace day

Gareth Owen Lloyd | Machines Room | Chelsea Alumni (2008) | Head of Maker Projects at Machines Room

Images from the day:

What is you session:  Gareth will be on hand with info, a 3D printer and can talk to people about machines room

What is you session about: Machines Room Maker Space

Machines Room is an east London maker space open to the public and businesses to come and fabricate their ideas. They have a full range of machines for processes such as laser & vinyl cutting, 3d printing to CNC. Gareth programs showcases, micro residencies, meetups and workshops as part of Machines Room's British Council Maker Library.

When: Weds 13th May 11 to 4 drop in anytime throughout the day

Twitter: @machinesroom


Book your free place here:

More event details: here

Please come and join us for a digital making community building event (open to the public) at Chelsea College of the arts on May 13th.

Meet specialist makers, learn about digital making & MakerSpaces at CCW MakerSpace day: 'Chelsea Jam' aims to bring together staff, students and MakerSpaces from across London & UK to share perspectives on digital making within the arts with an aim of establishing a new 'arts digital making community'.

Please come and join us and encourage others along for:

CCW Digital MakerSpace Day: Chelsea Jam on 13th May in the Banquetting Hall at Chelsea College. 

The event is open to all staff and students and are encouraged to drop-in anytime between 11am - 4pm (FabLab presentation start at 1pm).

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