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The Great British Art School Debate

The Great British Art School Debate: A Pathway to Enterprise

Event Date: Wednesday 20 June 2012, 19.00-21.00 (with light refreshments to follow).

Ticketed event: £5 non-student, £2.50 UAL student – Buy tickets.

Venue: CCW Progression Centre, Main Lecture Theatre, Wilson Road, London SE5 8UF


Sarah Rowles (Director, Q-Art London), Tim Balaam (Designer and Co-founder, Hyperkit), Will Jarvis (Painter and Co-founder, The Sunday Painter) and Zoe Campbell (Designer and Founder, Stumped Studio). Mediator: Dean of Camberwell College of Arts, Natalie Brett.

How can we empower entrepreneurship? What role does enterprise have in education today? What could art schools do to introduce enterprise into their studies? Can this enhance the student experience? A significant change is fees increasing – what changes need to happen to make the ‘Great British Art School’ be a viable area of study or option?

Please note that this event will be filmed for publicity purposes.

Part of Camberwell Arts Festival. Supported by Enterprise.

Also DIAL and SEE are kicking off an Enterprise and employability in the curriculum section on process.arts -

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