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Green Printmaking outdoor

Outdoor printmaking inspired by the English coast.

How to print without leaving a "mark" in the environment...and feel good!

There is a presentation about the whole idea and how I started few years ago to learn about sustainable printmaking:

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Please see - How to create a 3rd Party video post -

Creative Commons: I would start by watching the below video: (The idea is your putting stuff out into the world that others can take and adapt for themselves, you just letting them know what and not they can do with you stuff)

Creative Commons licences explained -

Then below if time, also see related files on the right of each post.

Choosing a creative commons licence on process.arts -

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Thanks for help. My next question is about Creative Common License. I just left the setting as it is too much to read on the subject and I have no time for it. If you have a suggestion on what it is the best option to share ideas, please let me know. Barbara

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I tried to find the way to embed the vimeo video but couldn't find the way. Can you tell me how to do it? Thanks.

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Great, have featured this, you can add a thumbnail image of your choosing so looks better in listings - it gas a generic image at the great to see the vimeo video on here to (this will generate a thumbnail from video) . Cheers

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